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About the FCT

An Overview of the FDOC and the FCT.

Florida has the second highest cancer incidence in the United States. To address Florida’s growing cancer burden and the need for increased clinical trial participation, the Florida Dialogue on Cancer (FDOC) created Florida Cancer Trials (FCT) in January 2004.

The Florida Dialogue on Cancer (FDOC) is a collaboration of Florida leaders that are developing and implementing new efforts to fight Florida's cancer burden. FDOC members include the presidents, directors and CEOs of hospitals, research centers, universities, professional medical groups, community-based organizations, minority-based organizations, private business groups, and others as well as government officials. FDOC is a bold initiative designed to address issues about Florida's cancer disparity that no single organization or institution can tackle alone.

The FCT strives to increase the number of Floridians participating in cancer clinical trials to help reduce the rates of cancer incidence and mortality, improve quality of life and minimize the impact of cancer for all Floridians. By educating cancer patients, those at high risk for developing cancer, healthcare providers and caregivers about the availability and necessity of clinical trials in Florida, the FCT offers hope for tomorrow.

Clinical Trials Highlights.

The Florida Dialogue on Cancer received a $500,000 federal grant to create a clinical trials information system in Florida. Florida Cancer Trials (FCT), a 501 (c) 3 entity was formed to develop the program. The FCT Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory workgroup have been hard at work since January 2004 planning and overseeing the program.

On November 1, 2004, The FCT launched a web-based and phone-based Clinical Trial Matching Service for the State of Florida. It provides users with an opportunity to conduct a personalized search for cancer clinical trials for which they might be eligible. The program allows visitors to print (or be mailed) information about potential trials to discuss with their physicians. Knowledge about clinical trials and how to participate in them is a critical component in increasing accrual rates. Florida residents who do not have Internet access will be able to obtain information by calling the toll-free number.

The FCT Board of Directors has selected EmergingMed as the vendor to provide the phone-based and web-based Clinical Trial Matching & Referral Service for the State of Florida.

If you have any comments or questions about the Florida Dialogue On Cancer, please feel free to Contact Us.

Members of the FCT

Representatives of the following Florida institutions and organizations are members of the FCT Board of Directors and/or its workgroups and advisory team:

AARP of Florida

American Cancer Society

Boca Raton Community Hospital

Cancer Information Service, Miami

Florida A & M University Tampa Bay Campus

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, Orlando

Florida Society of Clinical Oncology

Florida Society of Pathologists

H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute

Mayo Comprehensive Cancer Center, Jacksonville

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Orlando

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida

Space Coast Medical Associates, Titusville

University of Florida Shands Cancer Center

University of Florida, Shands Jacksonville

University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of South Florida College of Medicine

About Florida Cancer Trials
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